“There is no failure except in no longer trying.” (Elbert Hubbard)

School Program

Detail of the Program

5th & 6th grade - 7th to 9th grade 

2 practices a week  from Jan-Feb

Monday & Fridays 7pm to 830 pm (+ extra half hr optional)

Basic skill intro, footwork, knowledge of the sport, etc. 

We want to prepare your child to train and to feel confident at practice. No tournament participation!

But a wonderful way to teach FUNdamentals! 

Only $100 for 24 hrs or 32 hrs of practice. Mondays & Fridays 7 pm to 830 pm + half hr optional.

Only 25 spots available per group!

5th & 6th grade. 25 Spots available

7th // 9th grade. 25 Spots available

Teams 2020

U16 Legacy

U16 Legacy

U16 Legacy


Dardo H. Olivera



Scarlett Bos

Florencia Olivera

Ginger Jensen

Mallory Nelson

Charlotte Weller

Katherine Bouma

Mazzy Thorton

Cara Reinke

Finnley Jacobson    


U14 Titans

U16 Legacy

U16 Legacy


 Dardo H. Olivera 


Jameson Payne

Emma Adcock

Jessie Ryanczak

Ruby Morrow

Shannon Leopold

Ella Piland

Cadence Diercks

Bella Benner

Eve Wood

Isabelle McLean

Evelyn Allen-Felts

Carlie Svarthumle    

U13/14 ACES

U16 Legacy

U13/14 ACES


Stacy MacFaden


Audrey Zenzic-Quinlan

Sydney Tuchel

Lola Batcheller

Avery  Bullard

Holley McFadden

Noella Rosentrater

Ivy Bast

Adana Russell

 Joey Pendelton

Emma Pendelton

Kellen Diercks