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Safe Sports


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USA Volleyball is proud to introduce Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies (MAAPP). These policies outline training requirements and limit one-one-one interactions with minor athletes. The policies will be effective June 23.

MAAPP Summary

The goal of Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies is to limit one-on-one interactions with minor athletes--interactions with minors should be observable and interruptible. 

Any violation of MAAPP is reportable.

The policy covers six areas:

  • Limiting one-on-one interactions, including meetings and individual training sessions
  • Massages and rubdowns/athlete training modalities
  • Locker rooms and changing areas
  • Social media and electronic communication
  • Local travel
  • Team travel

MAAPP Legal Guardian Consent Form 

Questions regarding map should be directed to safesport.general@usav.org.


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